Zeo sleep monitor

There was a device made by a company by the name of Zeo called the Zeo Desktop Sleep Monitor. As Sabby has a problem with sleep I bought it for her one Christmas as it seemed like just the thing for monitoring sleep, and there was nothing similar on the market. She found it very useful.

Sadly not too long after buying it, the company folded, which meant no more Zeo accessories were made and their website which analysed the sleep also went down. This would normally be the end of the device (and I have a cupboard full of very promising technologies by companies that are no longer trading). Luckily before they did it, they had quite a lively collection of developers making software for it, and produced a version of the firmware which enabled people to download their own data, by the use of the ZeoDataViewer, a java application that showed a display similar to the display itself.

Information on this was circulated on the Quantified self forum

The final incarnation of this software was a bit broken and not really that functional but came with the source and was well written so that you could see how to decode the data, which is handy as not long after the demise of the company, all the data started being pulled off the net.

As the Zeo continues to provide good service as a device (and there are still a number of users), combined with a percieved need to get data to provide for the Papworth sleep clinic, which was ill founded as Doctors don't appear to be interested in years of background information, I decided to write a little crossplatform non-java tool to display this data which Sabby could use.

Zeo Viewer

The look is similar to the layout of the java application, although it can be horizontally zoomed in and out. By default the hypnogram has one line per 30 second entry which is the recording resolution of the zeo. This provides more detail that is shown in the original application, and was one of the main motivations in writing this

(click for larger image)

The other way of displaying the data is to select multiple dates, which will show a comparison view as a list of solid hypnograms, organised in different ways.

The application will also enables multiple users to store their data in the same application, as we have data for two of us which are a bit confusing if shown together, even though you can actually tell which of us it is by sleep patterns. Currently only the basic part of this is in.

This is a Mac OSX and Windows application (although no reason it couldn't be a linux application too), and is currently under development. I have had very useful information from beta testers and as a result I believe it to be currently more useful than the Java zeo viewers, however there is much more that can be added, and user input is quite important to this process.


Please be aware that these are beta version, and although I know of no current issues and have had no problems with the data, there is the possibility of errors on some machines. Always keep a backup of your data (although this should be adhered to for all useful data).

Version 0.3.1

Updates to version 0.3.1 are related entirely to the importing of data from mobile systems. If you are not using a mobile system and you are using version 0.3.0, there is no advantage in upgrading.

You now have the ability to work with databases extracted from ZeoMobile. Due to the fact I do not have access to a ZeoMobile myself, this update has been done with databases kindly donated to me for the purpose, so I am not 100% confident that the times will be right or there may not be some other issues, so after importing from a ZeoMobile database, please check the data imported corresponds with the times you believe it was made. Please contact me to let me know if it was wrong or right

Macintosh OSX 10.6 and above

The provided file is a zip containing the executable. When run on 10.7 and above it will prevent double clicking due to it being from an unknown developer. If you right click and select 'open' it will warn of this but continue to run when permitted to do so.

Windows XP and above

The provided file is a windows installer, and will install to the default place, or any other folder where provided.

Due to changes in the version of the framework used to build the system it is not possible to just change the exe as in previous builds as new dlls and support files are required.

When updating please ensure you have a current backup of your data, either from the original source or an export from your current viewer.


Currently there is no documentation, as I have yet to finish that part, and development has outstripped the writing. The document will be forthcoming. However, to get started, open a zeo data file with the file->open command which will read the file and store a copy of that data in your computers normal data area. You can open multiple zeo data records and they will be added to the central store, if those dates haven't yet been incorporated.

If you have any problems, requests or have any feedback on it, please contact me through the site, or I can be contacted (intermittently) on the Quantified self forum