Fuji W3 3D QuickLook plugin

Download mpo.quicklook Plugin version 1.0.0

This QuickLook plugin enables a Fuji W3 3D MPO format image to be viewed by default in the finder and other applications using QuickLook on Mac OSX 10.5 or later. QuickLook isn't available for systems below 10.5

Although the MPO format is an open standard produced by CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) and described in the PDF CIPA DC-007-2009 the format produced by the Fuji W3 doesn't strictly follow that format even when you translate past the errors in the document. I contacted Fuji to see if there was a specification that covered the format but was told that the information covering the file format was commercially sensitive and was thus not available.

This means that the MPOs produced by a Fuji W3 3D may not be compatible with other MPOs produced by other companies. At the moment this isn't an issue as such things don't exist. When they do hopefully the standard will be updated, or will cease to be commercially sensitive. Note, this will not affect this plugin which currently just shows the first image in an MPO and should always work. If you find any image that doesn't work with it, please Contact me

After installing the plugin, QuickLook will respond to the filetype and show previews. If you are looking in coverflow you will see your view change from this

To this:
Although it is unlikely your images will be exactly the same as that.

To install the plugin, download it from here, open the disk image and drag the contained plugin mpo.qlgenerator into /Library/QuickLook, or if you only want it to work on your own user account, to ~/Library/QuickLook although you may need to create this folder as it isn't created by default on OSX.

The plugin is © 2010 Alienrat Design Limited. It is freeware for personal use or installation on any Mac that you are using for any purpose, but is not to be distributed on commercial sites without permission.